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Importance of Gomata

greevaa mastaka samdhaeetu taamsaam gamgaa pratishtitaa!
sarvadaeva mayoagaanah sarvatiirthamayaastadaa!!

Meaning: Between the neck of the cow and the head is the (Gangadolu) Ganga, the pure. Every part of the cow is contains the essence and purity of the Gods.

In the life of a Hindu the position of esteem after mother is to the cow. If there are no cows then the life of a man could be really complicated. Hence the Lord Brahma, Creator of the Universe after creating the rivers and fire thought of creating something as pure and important but with life from fire by performing the ritual of fire called the homam. Vayuvu (wind) performed homam for body. and as a result of such homam ritual a cow took form. The cow has vedic importance. As the birth of cow was from a fire ritual it is called 'Agnihotram'. When milk is churned we get butter - ghee which is favoured by the Gods. If we posses fertile abundant cows then the land will also be fertile and abundant with crop. House, village, state, nation which has an abundant cow population is a rich country.


A song that explains the importance of a Cow

Listen to me oh human! - learn about me oh innocent!
I am cow a mother and you do not compare to me.

I do not have any thing against you
I do not speak up to you
I eat what you leave or throw away
but give to you all I have
I feed you before my own children
I give you delicious milk in large jugs.
When I am aged you send me out to slaughter
Even then I am of use to you
My sons tow the soil to grow fields
They put in my manure to make the fields fertile
My skin become the slippers on your feet.
They become the skin of the musical instrument to bring sound.

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