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Amaravati the new and developing Capital of Andhra Pradesh. History you really need to know.

Our Language :

Telugu Alphabets ; Vattulu ; Words ; Sametalu (Proverbs) ; Good quotes; Riddles ; Short poems ; Satakamulu ; Children's Rhymes ; Sanskrit Lesson

If you are interested in Handicrafts of the telugu people.

Here is a Website for you.

Our State :

Symbols of the State ; Important information ; Andhra Pradesh Geography ; History of Andhras ; Climate of Andhra Pradesh ; Landscape of Andhra Pradesh ; Water Supply of Andhra Pradesh ; Agriculture ; Industries ; Forests ; Resources ; Electricity ; Transport ; Famous Tourist Spots ; Educational Institutions

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Puttadibomma Poornamma
Poem by Gurajada Apparao Garu

Our Politics :

Formation of Andhra Pradesh ; Andhra Pradesh Political Hierarchy ; Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly ; Council of Ministers ; Self Governance ; Special Information ; Population of Andhra Pradesh ; History of Andhra Pradesh ; Decrees in Andhra

Asirwadamulu (Blessings)

Our Culture

Women's Way of Life ; Men's Way of Life ; Social Life ; Bhandavyalu (Relationships) ; Nammakaalu (Beliefs) - Sakunamulu (Omens) ; Subhakaaryamulu (Events) ; Pandugalu (Festivals) ; Nomulu (Rituals) - Vrataalu ;

Our Entertainment

Devotional Songs ; Festival Songs ; Children's Songs ; Appagintala Patalu ; Mangala Haratulu ; Folk Songs ; Movie Songs ; Patriotic Songs ; Lullaby

Know the Importance of the Hindu Ritual of Marriage and the mantras that are recited during the Ceremony.

Our Sciences :

Ayurvedam ; Aswasastram (Science of Horses) ; Ardhasastram (Economics) ; Kaalasastram (Science of Time) ; Kanyaa lakshana saastram ; Gandharvanaedam (the art of song) ; Gaja sastram( Science of Elephants) ; Chitrakarma sastram ; Parakaaya pravesamu ; Panchamgam ; Maalini sastram (Art of flower arrangement) ; Vastu Sastram

Our Bhakti :

A poem for the New Year by Vishnu Kumar garu.

Our Literature :

Stories in Telugu

Our Arts :

Kuchipudi ; Kolatam ; Daevadase Nrutyam ; Bhajana ; Harikatha kalaapam ; Tolubommalata ;Folk Art ; Handicrafts

Our Cinema :

History of Telugu Cinema ; Famous Movie Studios ; Famous Banners ; New Releases ; Actors ; Actresses ; Movies ; Directors ; Music Directors ; Lyrisists