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Sravana Masam

We give special importance to the month of Sravana. It comes after the moth of Ashada, most importantly this month is very auspicious to the newlyweds and maidens who wish to marry... The most auspicious days of this month are the fridays and the tuesdays. The 4 fridays in this month are called the 'Sravanasukravaraalu' and the 4 tuesdays are called the 'Sravanamangalavaralu'. These days women wake up early in the morning to worship the Godess. The 2nd Friday of this month is celebrated as the "Varalakshmi Vratam" as this falls under the most auspicious day of 'Pournami' in the 'Suklapaksha'. This is mainly celebrated by married women(Muttaiduvulu). By performing this 'Vratam'(ritual) they enjoy the grace and favour of the godess and also the blessing for a wealth and happiness, children. Today the women wake up early in the morning, before sunrise, take headbath and prepare 'Nivedyam'(offering to Gods) and duly clean the puja room and establish the 'kalasam' in it. Then a replica of Godess Lakshmi in goldor silver or anyother metal accordig to availability is placed over the kalasam and 'Astottaram' and the story of the vratam is recited. Then naivedyam is offered to the godess each of five and in the evening, five married women are invited to the house to recieve 'tambulam'. Thus the 2nd friday of sravana masam is celebrated. If one could not celebrate this on the 2nd friday, any friday will do.

Such is the Sravanamasam filled with wealth,happiness and auspicious. It is believed that in this month if the maidens pray to the godess on these 4 fridays they will be married soon. This month is also very good for performing weddings. This month marinated chickpeas are offered as nivedyam to the Godess. This month 'Sravana Mangalavaralu' is also observed. The tuesdays of this month are also good for the health and happiness of the husband. It is believed that who perform 'nomu' on these days do not suffer the sorrow of losing their husbands.

The tuesdays are good for celebrating 'Mangala Gouri Vratam' these are also called the 'Mangalavaram Nomulu'. Women who observe this 'Nomu' wake up early before sunrise and take bath with turmeric and other auspicious items and decorating the puja room will place kalasam and decorate it with a covering of Godess Mangala Gouri.

After performing puja a thread soaked in turmeric water is tied around one's wrist. In the evening we give haarati and congrigation of women is gathered where they sing praises of the Godess. Then the story of the Mangala Gouri is recieted. The Godess is decorated with the seasonal fruits and offfered nivedyam of 'Aviri kudumulu' which are a light and healthy snack. Everything is offered in fives. For those women who enjoy the grace and favour of both VaraLakshmi and Godess Mangala Gouri do not suffer the lose of their husbands and live with health and happiness.

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