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The most auspicious of festivals sankranti for the telugu people is the 'Sankranti'. This festival is celebrated for three days Bhogi, Sankranti and Kanuma respectively. After the starting of 'Dhanur masam' the ladies of the house wake up early in the morning and observe 'nelapattu' by decorating their courtyards with beautiful and colorful designs called 'muggu' or 'rangavallikalu' (ramgoli). Girls use the ordure of cow [which is considered sacred, also it has a lot of medicinal properties] to make 'gobbemmalu' decorate them with turmeric and 'kumkuma', pray to them and they sing and dance around them. the ritual of ''gobbemmal' is complete with sankranti. 'nelapattu' is ended with a 'radham' (chariot) muggu on 'kanuma'

On the eve of bhog a bonfire where all the old stuff is burned. Ladies bless their children and pour 'bhogi pallu' (regi pallu) on them.

The second day is the main festival of 'Sankranti'. On this day we should get up early in the morning and take bath with seseami oil and bath powder. Going to the temple of Siva and performing 'amrutabishekam' (bathing the linga with cow ghee). Next we should perform charity as much as we can before afternoon.

The third day of the festival is 'kanuma'. This day is for the harworking farmers. They wakeup before dawn, and clean their cattle and decorate them 'pasupu' and 'kumkuma'. Next they make pongal with milk and offer it to their Gods before sprinkling it in the fields for good harvest. this ritual is called 'PolivaeyuTa'. This ritual is performed differently in different areas.
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