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Sri Hanuma Jayanti

This is a very auspicious day for the devotees of Sri Anjaneya Swamy. On the eve of 'Vaisakha Bahula Dasami' we celebrate Hanumajayamti. After appearing to a devotee named 'Tulasidaas' Lord Hanuma still resides in the Himalayas deep in meditation. Lord Anjaneya (Hanuman) himself was a great devotee of Lord Rama, immencely powerful, great yogi, and blessed by Lord Rama the gift of immortality.

Method of worship: During the eve of 'Hanumajayanti' we place the image of Lord Hanuma and worship him chanting the following

"ఆంజనానందనం వీరం కోటి బలార్కసన్నిధం
ధ్యాయామ్యహం రామదూతం సర్వదా హృదయాంబుజే"

"amjanaanamdanam veera koaTi balaarkasannidham
dhyaayaamyaham raama duutam sarvadaa hRdayaambujae"

sloka and invite him to our presence. Later according to the 'Purusha Sukta', 'aaJyam'(showing the light.), 'paadyam', 'Aachamaneeyam' (giving water to cleanse themselves), 'Naivaedyam' (Some thing to eat) are offered to the honoured guest and worshipped. Next 'Anga puja' has to be performed to Lord Anjaneya as mentioned below and 'Anjaneya Astottara Satanamavali' has to be chanted.

When offering 'Dhupam'(incense) 'guggilam'(chickpeas)must be offered along with incense. While offering 'Naivedyam'(offering of food) make sure you have mango, 'pongali'(rice with jaggery), 'vada'. Those who have 'Sani dosham' must offer sesame and jaggery balls of 18 or 108 must be offered.

Going to the temples and offering obeisance to Lord Anjaneya and recieve his blessing. Reciting 'Hanuman Chaleesa' and 'Sundaraakanda' will give peace of mind and give us success and strength in coming ventures.
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