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1. There is nothing that matches to what parents give their children. - Valmiki


2. When the the dam of satisfaction breaks, then there is no hinderence to the flow of desires. - PremChand


3. The five reasons for disputes between men - women, wealth, cruel words, caste, and their own sins - Mahabharatam


4. The most important thing in one's life - is that every person perform his duty with sincerity - Shakspere


5. Though the people who do good things are great - people would not listen to them unless they know them completely. - Vinobha Bave


6. This world talks to us through pictures... then our soul responds with music - Rabindranath Tagore.


7. There are many kinds of wars in this world , but the one a man does with his own heart is the greatest of them all. - Swamy SivaanamduDu


8. Good men are as soft as butter. - Tulasidas



9. Enemity ends with death. - Valmiki



10. In the war of thoughts, books are the weapons. - George Bernard Shaw.



11. When we lead life in the company of good people, bad deeds also are seen by others as good deeds - just like sitting inside the house of a cowherd, even though you are consuming liquor people consider you to be taking milk. - Vidhurudu



12.Romantics are soft in their heart. - Kalidasu



13.Eyes and beauty have a deep relation. - Premchand



14. When general population live in peace and co-operation then the general result is the development. - the same is applicable internationally. - Indira Gandhi.



15.Man has to speak truth and good words in his life - if he could not do so he should not speak at all. - ManuSmriti



16. The path of truth is easy... happy travelling is the result. - Rigveda


17. If we do not have the grace of God we will not enjoy the friendship of good people. - Tulasidas



18. If we take  










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