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కేదారేశ్వర వ్రతం
క్షీరభ్దిశయన వ్రతం

Karteeka Masam

'Karteeka Masam'(month) is the most auspicious because it is the favorite month of Lord Shiva. Maidens and married women observe fasting on the 'karteeka somavaaraalu' (Mondays of karteeka masam) so that they could have good husbands as well as the health and well being of their husbands. All this month the family members, wake early before sunrise, take bath in cold water, read a story from 'karteeka puraanam', 'lingaastakam' and pray to Lord Shiva. Every evening we pray and and light 'deepamulu' (lights) before our houses.

'Karteeka Pournami' (Fullmoon of the month of Kaarteeka masam) has a grandness of its own. This is the day the 'Aakasa Ganga' descended to earth, therefore it is recommended to do 'Samudra Snaanam' (bathing in sea or any other large water body) to wash off all sins. During 'karteeka pournami' lighting 360 deepamulu in a temple will give you the blessing of placing them there everyday of the year. This year 'Karteeka masam' falls on 13th November.

Usually today everyone does fasting,(though people who cannot do a strict fast, may have fruits and milk) and at night meal is prepared without using onion. But before feasting people make 'pramidalu' (candles) with wheat flour or rice flour, 108 threads are light using ghee(clarified butter) or 'nuvvula nune' (sesame oil). 'Karteeka masam' is a time for picnic under the 'usirika' (amla) tree with family and friends after praying and placing 'pramidalu' before it.

During Kartika Masam

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