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Deepamu (oil lamp) is the incarnation of the Lord Almighty himself. It is omnipresent. Everything is possible because of this fire. We pray to such a light that brightens the whole Universe.

In our culture we have a special respect to the forces of nature and primarily to fire. A house that is lighted with a deepam, is blessed.

Deepavali means "row of lights". Aswiyuja Bahula Amavasya marks the auspicious eve of Deepavali. On this eve we decorate the house with lamps and celebrate the event. This day is the day Sri Mahalakshmi Devi emerged from the milky sea, hence we perform Sri Mahalakshmi Puja. The house which is decorated beautifully by rows of lamps is the house the Godess Laksmi blesses, so says the Rid Veda, so everyone decorates their houses. Fireworks are enjoyed by children and adults alike and then the fun and entertainment is over they end the festivties by eating sweets. Lighting fireworks also keeps the insects and pests out of our homes.

Mechants and Bussiness open new account books on this day. They perform lakshmi puja either at home or in their work place.

Aswiyuja Bahula Tadiya
Aswiyuja Bahula Chaturdasi
Aswiyuja Bahula Amavasya

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