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Deepavali Puja Vidhanam :

We wake up at 5 in the morning and take bath and decorate our house and the puja room. Turmeric and kumkuma (vermilion) should be applied to the 'gadapa' (the bottom part of the door frame) and to the 'gummam' (top of the door frame) mango leves toranam (hangings), the puja room should also be cleaned and decorated with turmeric, kumkuma and gamdham (sandalwood paste). The platform in the puja room must be covered with cloth and should be arranged such that when we sit facing the platform we face north or east.

'Deeparadhana' ( arthi) has to be done to the with cow ghee. then we must do kumkuma puja (pouring a pinch of kumkuma on the idol everytime you chant the mantra) to the goddess by chanting the following mantra

'Maha Lakshmi Devyaayai namaha'

Sri Lakshmi Stotram
Sri Lakshmi Mantram
Sri Lakshmi Astottarasatanamavali
Sri Lakshmi Satanamavali
Sri Mahalakshmastakam
Sri Ashtalakshmi Stotram
Sri Kanakadhara stotram must be recieted.

The chapter of 'Narakasura vadha ' in bhagavatam has to be read. On this day people perform 'Vaibhava Lakshmi Vratam', 'Lakshmi Kubera Vratam'. When giving 'tambulam' to 'muttaiduvu' (A women who is happily married) we can include a booklet of 'Lakshmi kubera vratam'.

On this day Temples perform 'Sri Lakshmi Astottara nama puja', 'Sri Lakshmi 108 kaluva puja', 'Sri Lakshmi koti kumkumarchana'.

In the evening of Deepavali at twilight we first light a deepam (lamp) in front of mother tulasi which is another incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and perform puja by reciting Sri Lakshmi Astottara Satanamavali. and recieting the following mantra.

We consider you as the light in every living creature and pray to you.

After this the whole house must be decorated with lights.

Aswiyuja Bahula Tadiya
Aswiyuja Bahula Chaturdasi
Aswiyuja Bahula Amavasya

Puja Vidhanam: Katha (Story) - Puranam:

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