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Vinayaka Chaviti

The biggest festival celebrated by Indians is 'Vinayaka Chaviti'. Every other fstival comes only next to the pomp and joy of this festival. In the month of Bhadrapada on chaturdhasi we celebrate the auspicious festival of Vinayaka chaviti. Waking up early in the morning and Doing 'Abyangana snaanam' (bathing with sesame oil, milk and bathpowder, shikai or kumkuDukaya for hair), apply pasupu (turmeric) to the 'gadapa' (bottom of the doorframe) and is decorated with 'kumkuma' dots and mango leaves are tied to the door. The short platform in the 'pujaroom' is also decorated with pasupu and kumkuma and short banana stalks are arranged on either side. 'Palavelli' a plate made of cane sticks is tied at a height in the 'pujaroom' and is decorated with lotus flowers, and different asortment of fruits, flowers and leaves.

On the decorated platform in the 'pujaroom' is filled with rice on which 'patri' (leaves of tulasi,bilva,ganneru etc) is placed. A clay idol of Lord Vinayaka is placed with an umbrella over the top. First puja is performed to mother Gouri then to Vinayaka with 21 different kinds of leaves and flowers. Students bring in ther books and place it in front of the idol to recieve good education.

Puja is to be performed as mentioned in the book. The story of 'Samantakamani' is recited and 'akshintalu'(uncooked rice mixed with turmeric) is to be showered on oneself and everyone present so that we can avoid the sin we get of seeing moon on this day.

Vinayaka Puja

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