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Guru Pournima

Guru Pournima is a three day festival. Thia is celebrated in the 'Pournami'(fullmoon) in the month of 'Ashada'. We celebrate this auspicious occasion in reverence to the great sage 'Vedavyasa' who gave us great works like the Vedas, Puranas,Bhagavatam and the 'Mahabharatam' and honour the 'Gurus', teachers and recieve their blessings. 'Vyasa Mahanu', great sage 'Vyasa' is the teacher of 'Dattatreya' the teacher of teachers, such a teacher should be worshipped and remembered.

This day is considred as a very good day to start your education as this day marks the beginning of 'chaturmasa'. Earlier sages used to start teaching their students starting from this day reciting Vyasa's 'Brahma Sutralu'.

On 'Brahma muhurtam', (means four in the morning) of this day we start the day by meditating about your 'Guru' teacher. Then we attend to our morning routins, and purifying ourself we touch our guru's, teacher's feet and recieve their blessings. Sages and hermits are recieved hounoured and offered feasts, to honour guru on this day would increase their radiance immensely, likewise students who perform this ritual will recieve the favour of the guru a thousand fold.
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