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In the age of 'Dvapara' under the grace of the shining light of Rohini, in the auspicious month of 'Sravana' during the 'ashaada' the Supreme Lord 'Sree Mahavishnu' was born on the earth in the form of 'Sree Krishna'. Every year that particular day of the telugu calender is celebrated as the birthday of the Krishna as 'Krishnaastami'. On this auspicious day we should wake up early in the morning and after finishing our morning duties we bath with water containing the sacred 'tulasi' leaves. By doing so we attain the purification of diving in the seven sacred rivers. We fast all day and perform puja and rituals. This evening the puja room in the house has to be decorated.

Turmeric should be applied to the 'Peeta' (a very short stool no more than 3 inches from ground)and dots of 'Kumkuma are to be applied and muggulu are drawn over it with rice flour. A tumbler made of 'ragi', 'ittadi' (bronze) must be filled with ware and a few 'ragi coins are placed in them and then it is filled with 'panchapallavas' and closed with a coconut on top. This 'kobbarikaya' (coconut) must be wrapped with a coloured piece of cloth. the 'kalasam' so made could be decorated with sandalwood paste, flowers and 'akshintalu'(rice and turmeric). 'Ragi', 'Vendi'(silver), 'Bangaram' (gold) could be used to make an idol of Lord Krishnaand placed on top of the 'kalasam' and be worshipped. Those who do not have the facility to do so may keep a picture of Lord krishna on the 'peeta' and worship him. We visit temples and recieve offerings of 'prasada' and hear 'Sree Bhagavatam'.

In villages we have the breaking of 'Utti' conducted by the 'Devalayas'(temples).'Utti' means an earthen pot decorated colourfully and filled with either milk, curd or coloured water and hung in a high place. Young men try to break this 'Utti' or pot while young women throw coloured water at them to break their concentration. This ia a most joyful and lively celebration. These festivities also include 'Kolatam', a very lively dance performed by youth in colourful attair about the life and greatness of Lord Krishna. These festivities are not to be missed.
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