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Vastu Sastra Puranam (Legend of Vastu Sastram)

Long ago there lived a demon named Amdhakaasuradu who terrorized the people of the three worlds.Lord Shiva fought with this demon. During that time a drop of sweat fell on the ground and from it emerger a great spirit that started to take over the earth and heavens. When Lord Indra and other devas were frightened and prayed to Lord Brahma to save them. Lord Brahma who was the creator of everything men and demons alike thought for a long time while comforting the devas. Then he told them how to throw the spirit face down, after hearing this all the devas threw the spirit on the ground.

This spirit fell with its head in the Esanyam (North-East), and feet towards (South-West) and hands in Vaayuvya (North-East), and Agnaeya (South-East). The Devas, Gods seated themselves on the spirit so that it cannot get up again in the following manner.

Head- Sikha (Eesa)
Dakshina (South) Eye - Sarjanya
Vama (Right) Eye - Dithi
Dakshina Sotramulu - Jayamti
Vama Sotramulu -Jayamti
Urassu (Cheast) - Indra, Apavatsa, Apa, Sarpa
Dakshina Stanamu - Aryama
Vama Stanamu - Prutviidhara
Dakshina Bhujamu (shoulder) - Aditya
Vama Bhujamu -Soma
Dakshina Bahuvu - Satya, Brsa, aakaaSa, agni, puushaa
Vama Bahuvu - Papa Yaksha, Roaga, Naaga, Mukya, Bhallaata
Dakshina Paarsvakaamuna - Vitadhi, Gruhakshata
Vama Paarsvakaamuna - Asura, Sesha
Udaramuna - Vinaswan, Mitra
Dakshina Uruvuna - Yama
Vaam Uruvuna - VaruNa
Guhyamuna - Indra, Jaya
Dakshina Jamgamuna - Gandharva
Vama Jamgamuna - Pushpadamta
Dakshina Jaanuvuna - Brumgaraaja
Vama Jaanuvuna - Sugriiva
Dakshina Spichi - Mrgamu
Vama Spichi - Douvaaraka
Padamulu - Pitruganamu

This Spirit which radiated with the brightness of all the Gods that sat on him was seen by Lord Brahma and he named it the 'Vastu Purushudu'.
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