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Vastu Purushudu

Badrapada bahula tadiya, tuesday under the influence of the 'Kruttika' star, Vyatiipaata yogamu, bhadraanaa karanamu gulika included time marked the birth of 'Vastu Purushudu'. He pleaded that he had done nothing wrong but he was suppressed by the Gods. He asked Lord Brahma for his help.

Lord Brahma was pleased with the 'Vastu Purushudu' and said to him "Vastu Purusha! whenever houses are built, during housewarming ceremonies, while building villages towns, cities, forts, temples, Waterbodies, Gardens you will be worshipped. those who donot do so will suffer poverty and sorrow" and blessed him.

The Gods that were seated on the Vastu Purushudu were all very pleased and decided to provide those who live in their corners with their apt blessings and make them happy and prosperous life.

According to the blessings of Brahma Deva :

Esanyam (North-East) - Lord Shiva
Agnaeyam (South-East) - Agni - God of fire
Nairuti (South-West) - Nairuti
Vayuvyam (North-West) - Vayuvu - God of Winds
East - Adityudu - Sun God
South - Yamudu - God of Justice
West - Varunudu - God of water
North - Kubera (Soma) - God of Wealth

If the house is built so that it pleases the Gods seated in the eight directions then they will bless its inhabitants with wealth and prosperity. This is the Vastu Legend.
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