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Dikkulu - Disalu - Adipatulu
(Directions - Corners - Rulers)

If East, West, North, South are the 'dikkulu' (directions) then Esanyamu, Agnaeyam, Niruti, Vayuvyam are the 4 vidikkulu. Each vidikku is divided into two portions as shown in the figure below.

If you stand facing the rising sun, the direction in which the sun rises is the East, the direction to your left hand side is the North, the direction towards your right hand side is the south and the direction to you back is the West. North-East corner is called Eesanyam. South-East corner is the Agnaeyam.

The corner where the two directions meet is called a 'Vidisa' Hence there are 4 vidisalu as represented in the corresponding figure. The good and bad of these positions is shown in the following figure. To place gates and entrances in the 'uccha' (good) position gives the inhabitants in tha house health, wealth and happiness, income, children will concentrate on their studies and are happy.

East Main Entrance - Indrudu - progeny of male child, Fame and Fortune, men with honour, with good manners. In the East we should do good deeds that pleases Aditya.

Agnaeyam : Agnidaevudu (God of Fire) - Provides us with food, health and long life. Cooking, arraninging current meters and mainboards in this corner of the house is good for its inhabitants. This corner is best served as a kitchen.

Dakshinamu (South) : ?Yamudu (God of the Underworld) - He is the Lord of truth and justice. Having a main entrance inthis direction makes its inhabitants truthful, good and trusted advisors. We should sleep withour head in this direction.

Niruti : Rakshudu - Tose who reside in this corner of the house are patient. The head of the families or those who run the families should reside in this corner of the house. Also heavy objects should be placed in this corner of the house. Also big trees must be grown in this corner of the premisis. This corner of all the places should be elevated and no open ground should be left on this corner of the premisis. Entrances or gates are not to be placed in this corner of the premesis. This corner is also for the machinary of work.

Padamara (West) : Varunudu (God of water) - He provides prosperity and female offspring. Thos ewho reside in this corner have everything to their command, and are talented. This direction is good for gates, and stairs.

Vayuvyam : Vayudevudu (God of Wind) resides in this corner. He provides the residents with a strong mind, a good family. North of this corner is bad hence no gates should be placed here. This corner should be decorated with symbols of freedom.

Uttaram (North) : Kuberudu (Lord of Wealth)- Provides us with Wealth. Those who reside in this corner are educated and wealthy. They are clever smart and likely to attain greater positions. It is good to wakeup facing north the direction of Kubera.

Eesanyam : Eesanyam - Those who reside in this corner are quiet strong willed and successful people who take on powerful positions. This particular corner is considered special among all the other directions. Hence this corner is where pujas and other sacred duties and rights are performed.

'Vastu Puranam' summerizes the duties and rites that apeeses the Gods that reside in those directions.

Construction of houses are of different types. Among them there are constructions regarding people as well as animals and birds. There are 4 important types of constructions.

1. General People Residences.
2. Lord Residences.
3. God residences.
4. Facilities.

Generally the facilities in the houses are constructed according to the requirements.

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