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Sites not to Buy - Sites to Buy

Sites not to be buy


If North-East site is less then those sites are not to be bought. If we add such sites to our present site the owner may not progress in his ventures.

What sites can be bought?

If you already have a site and if a site to its east or north is up for sale then we can buy such sites, the sites to the west and south are not favourable. If a site in the North-East is up for sale it is really important to buy that site, but not if it is less than your site.
If we refer to the following diagram, if A is the property you own then the site to the east is good to buy.
If we refer to the following figure, the A in the diagram is the property and a site opens up in the north of 'Esanyam' as in the X position then such sites are to be bought immediately.
If A represents the property we own then the sites to the north should be bought. ***
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