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Truth of Vastu Sastram - Quotes

1. Selection of a perfect site is quiet important for a perfect Vastu.

2. To see Vastu based on caste, religion, place of birth, color, creed, is not against the Vastu Sastram. A village may consist of different people of different caste and creed.

3. Sites with white colored soil, Red colored soil, concrete, sand, yellow coloured soils are Good. Peopel who live in such places have different opinions and different stages of development.

4. Black coloured soil, broken soil, water that sprinkle , charcoal, bones, and cemetries are not good for residence.

5. Sweet, sour tasting soils are good.

6. Sweet smelling, loutus, blood, rice, honey smelling soil is good.

7. Bad smelling, dead bodies, bird droppings smelling soils are bad.

8. Veena, drum, sea, elephant, horse sounding sites are good.

9. Crickets, fearful sounds, echos sounding sites are bad.

10. Grass, fruit orchards, drabha grass, garika grass growing sites are good.

11. Palm, eeta, raegi trees growing sites are bad.

12. Sites where the wells have been closed, where trees are cut are not good.

13. According to water also we can find the nature and health of the soil. Hence the sites where drinking water could be found is best to reside in.

14. Sites that have bad qualities but are preferred then such sites are first to be farmed and used to tie up cows
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