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Sulala vidhulu

1. Shadows of Well, hill, trees and temple and pillars infront of the temple should not fall on the residensial buildings.

2. Hotels, Bazzars, four road crossings are not good for residences.

3. Trees thar are considered sacred like Ravi, Jivva, Marri (banyan) wood are not good for construction.

4. In front of the temples of Siva and Devi, behind the Vishnu temple are not good for residence.

5. The sanctum of a temple and that of the house should not be in the same line.

6. The north of a hill, east north-east(esanyam) develop quickly.

7. Lakes, rivers, seas, water south side or west side are benificial.

a) Opposite to the main entrance there should not be brahmins, kshatriyas and brothers should not reside, this may cause frustrations.
b) Well, water bodies, trees or pillars should not be infront of the main entrance.
c) neighbours walls should not be right infront of your main entrance.

9. If situation demands and we have to reside in sites that have been cited as bad above then we could always rise a high wall infront of those unnecessities and build houses as per vastu.

10. 'Sulala vidhulu' are quiet important, not following these rules have led to the destruction of dynasties.
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