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Directions - Rulers of Vidisalu - Their Results

'Astadikpalakulu', The eight rulers who rule their assigned directions influence those corners of the house. Hence the home owner should bring the site in order and level and then start building the house

1. The site on which the house will be built should be levelled first and made such that it has a 90 degree angle at every corner and resembles either a rectangle or a square.

2. Eastren Esanyam or Northern Esanyam, if high then it should be left high. Growth in education and profession and prosperity could be attained.

3. Even if only east or north are high then also the above is true.

4. If other directions or corners are high then that may lead to accidents and ill health.

5. Circle and oval shaped sites are good as well.

6. Other shaped sites are bad.

7. A site whose two side are of the same lenght and moving away from each other and the larger opening of the shape is a straight line while the other side is curved is called a 'Chata' shaped site. If opting for such sites then they should be high in the north and esanyam.

8. Nomatter whichever corner is raised we have to make sure that Nrthern Esanyam side is raised double.

9. Incase directions other than Esanyam are raised we have to construct a circular rooms in that direction.
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