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Rulers of Directions - Results

1. The ruler of East is Lord Indrudu, he blesses us with progeny, prosperity. Home owner should not put heavy stuff in this direction. Empty spaces that is left on this direction must be more than those that are left in other directions and this side should slant. Wells and bores should be dug in this direction for Good luck.

2. The ruler of that direction is Lord Agni. Hence this corner of the house is perfect for a kitchen. Wells, bores, or any kind of ditches are not preferrable in this direction. If done then addictions, ill-health, loss of property may result

3. The ruling deity of Dakshinam(south) is Yamudu (Yama) - vacant space in this direction must be less than the Northern direction. By that good progeny, salary, improvement happens. If it is not so then selling of the assests, wells, and puddles may cause bad health.

4. Niruti direction has a ruling deity is a demon. This direction should have the least amount of vacant space

5. West has Lord Varuna as its reigninh deity. Open space should be less than the east and at an elevation to recieve good results. Water sources like wells can be constructed in this direction.

6. Vayuvu is the deity of Vayuvyam. It should be slant than the Niruti or Agneya directions but more than Esanyam. Wells and depressions are not to be in this direction. this direction should not be elevated than Esanyam.This might cause problems to the children.

7. The reigning deity of North is Kubera. This side should be slanter than south and spacious. water wells and others can be placed here.


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