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Waterbodies - Water Flow - Raise and Slants - Canals

In the premisis of the house the niruti direction should be higher than the rest of the place. The flow of the water ion the cannals should be such that it flows from Nirutu towards Vayuvya and to the Northern eesanya direction. wells and waterbodies are not recommended within the premisis but if there is no public wells and waterbodies there is nothing wrong in drawing the water flow into the premisis.

2. If the Northern and Eastren Eesanya direction are slanter than the rest of the premisis then it is good for the resident of the house.
3. If the southeren and westren side is higher we will have prosperity and riches, if its low then you may suffer loses and inhibition of growth. If wells are placed in the southern direction or westren direction then it is good for the household.


9. If there is slant in the Esanyam with spacious land and waterbodies wil negate all the ills in the house. The householder will recieve all the goodness.

10. The rules apply not just to the houses but for villages,towns and cities, factories, shops, cinema halls alike.
11. Water for your neighbours should not flow through your house it might lead to misunderstandings and cause problems.

12. In places with red soil, sands, gravel, hilly regions do not hold drinking water so there might be water ploblem in those areas.
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