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Vastu Quotes

1. Niruti direction gives strength of body.
2. Iron should be bought on tuesday.
3. Vastu for the house is important than geography.
4. To work on Vastu related issues, saturday is the best.
5. The height of the room is much important than the space.
6. Main entrance (Simhadwaram) which does not have a 'Gadapa' (block of wood at the bottom of the door) is not a good omen.
7. If there is no space in the southern direction then it is bad for health.
8. Making three different kitchens in the house is not a good omen.
9. 'Gruhapravaesam' (Housewarming) should not be done on 'Chara Lagnam'.
10. A well in the 'Esanya' corner should not be touch the northern border.
11. If a crow, lizardor snake touch the body then it is cause for illhealth.
12. If we live according to vastu then it is good ffor us.
13. After contruction everything has a life of its own.
14. The points of Vastu cannot be undermined.
15. Vastu depends on one's horoscope.
16. 'Siddham' means begin, 'Amtam' means end, hence 'Siddhantam'
17. If there is a cover over the well then it is not good for the lady of the house.
18. the length of the site should not be double than the bredth.
19. Man is guided by fate and fate by Vastu.
20. A well in Agnaeyam in housing illness.
21. A wife who stays to the left of the husband is one who follows him.
22. I you die without any wants such people will not have rebirth.
23. Understanding the science is more important than knowing it.
25. The four corners are the rulers of the eight directions.
26. most important corners are esanyam and niruti.
27. Jyotishyam (Astrology) commands human life while Vastu asks us to follow.
28. The essence of Panchabhuta (five elements) is Vastu.
29. Muhurtam means te blink of an eye.
30. The corner of a street is not a recommended place for a house.
31. In case of house and Vastu, Muhurtam is the most important.
32. the secrets of vastu lies in the corners rather thant the sides.
33. The masculine is important in Vastu.
34. Esanyam gives life, Niruti takes it.
35. It is recommendeded that the steps are in the odd number.
36. The position of the doors is more important than their number.
37. Vastu is abundant with household items.
38. Vastu is inhabitation.
39. A house without fault, a man without a fault are rare.
40. The law does not change, the way it is interpreted might.
41. The harmony of geography, Panchabhutamulu(five elements), and nature is Vastu.
42. South slant means financial trouble.
43. East and North are always good for young people.
44. Placing the pillow in the east will make us studious.
45. T.V should be placed in the East.

46. Slab should be done in the shape of a square.
47. Using the Simhadwaram for entrance and exit is good.
48. Platform only in one side is cause for illness and discontent.
49. Wells should be constructed in squares.
50. Paschimam(West), Dakshinam (South) place is not good for pregnancy.
51. Even number of door is good for pregnancy
52. Esanyam open, Niruti close progeny.
53. Esanyam slant, Niruti height would increase children.
54. Niruti high lid, weight would increase prestige ***
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