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This is a festival exclusively for the women. This eve is celebrated on 'Aswiyuja Bahula tadiya'. This festival is celebrated by maidens and married women, chidren and old alike, it brings the child in them and on this day they enjoy themselves on swings, talking and chatting. While the maidens wish for a handsome and ideal husband, the married women wish for their husbands health and prosperity while performing this vratam. On this day the give 'atlu' (dosas) as vayanam to each other. It is said that this vratam was first performed by Parvati Devi to have Lord Shiva as her husband. On this day the ladies indulge themselves in recreational activities especially swings, apply gorimtaku(mehendi) on their palm and see whose would color more (because the redder the design the handsome the husband would be), and with the dawn of the moon perform 'uma vratam' and give each other atlu as vaayanam.

Puja vidhanam:

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