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amgaTiloa annii unnaayi alluni noaTloa Sani.
Meaning : To have everything in the frontyard, but having a son-in-law with all the bad luck.
Explanation : To have everything you want and badluck hanging over you.

amtya nishThuuram kannaa aadi nishThuuram maelu.
Meaning : Better to have bad luck at the beginning, than at the end.
Explanation : Sometimes it is better to have to stop at the beginning of a project than have to face rejection at the end of it.

amdani pamDlaku arrulu chaachinaTlu.
Meaning : To reach for the unattainable fruit
Explanation : Some people always aim for those things that are quiet un reachable.

amdarikii naenu loakuva naaku nambi loakuva.
Meaning : Everyone looks down on me, and I look down upon nambi
Explanation : Thre is always someone who look down upon people, it sometime could be you.

amdaridi okadaari ulipi kaTTedoka daari.
Meaning : Everyone threads on one path while the lone stick threads the other way.
Explanation : There always will be someone in the lot who wants to break all the rules, go in a different direction.

amditae siga amdakapoatae kaaLLu.
Meaning : If you can reach then its the hair, if not then it is the legs.
Explanation : People tend to either boss us around if we let them or beg us if we ignore them.

amdhunaki addam chuupinaTTu.
Meaning : To show mirrio to a blind person
Explanation : There is no use in doing things that has no results.

ambali taagaevaaDiki meesalu ettaevaaDokaDu.
Meaning : For a person wo is drinking, there is a man who helps him lift his moustach.
Explanation : Some people do anything to be friends with the rich and the famous.

agaDtaloa pilliki adae vaikumTham.
Meaning : For a cat in the market, it is a paradise.
Explanation : When you have everything you have then there is nothing more you want.

aggi meeda guggilam ayinaTTu.
Meaning : Like a hot coal on the fire
Explanation : To be on fire, usually it means to be so angry.

agniki vaayuvu toadainaTlu.
Meaning : To add wind to the fire
Explanation : When wind is added to raging fire it burns everything around it.

agniloa miData paDinaTlu.
Meaning : Like a moth in the fire
Explanation : A moth suffers when it falls in the fire.

agnihoatramloa aajyam poasinaTlu.
Meaning : Adding fuel to fire
Explanation : To enrage an already bad situation.

adaviloa kaachina vennela mudimini chaesina peLLi.
Meaning : Moonlight shone in the dense forest and marriage at an old age is useful
Explanation : There is no use if you do things in the wrong time or wronge place.

aDagamdae ammayinaa anna peTTadu.
Meaning : Even mother will not offer food unless you ask for it.
Explanation : Well if want something, try asking for it first because even mother won't give unless she knows you want it.

aDigaevaaDiki cheppaevaaDu lokuva.
Meaning : For someone who asks looks down on someone who advices.
Explanation : Sometimes people who ask for advice do not really want it.

aDDaalanaaTi biDDalu kaani gaDDaalanaaTi biDDalu kaadu.
Meaning : Children when they are small not when they grow beard
Explanation : You can treat your children as kids only when they are small, once they grow up do not expect them to be your little kids anymore

atani komTae GanuDu aachamTi mallanna.
Meaning : The only one greater than him is 'mallanna'
Explanation :'Mallu' ia considered as the strongest man by people here so this could be a praise.

atirahasyam baTTabayalu.
Meaning : The greatest secret is finally revealed
Explanation : What would happen when a great secret is finally revealed?

adigoa amTae aarunelalu.
Meaning : There means six months
Explanation : Well time flys, before you know it its gone.

adigoa toaka amTae idigoa puli.
Meaning : There is the tail, here is the tiger
Explanation : Most people do not think before they talk. If someone shouts i saw a tail then surpricingly people see tigers everywhere.

addam abaddam aaDutumdaa.
Meaning : A mirror does not lie
Explanation : If you want to know about yourself try looking at yourself without pretensions.

addeku vacchina gurram agaDta daaTutumdaa.
Meaning : A rented horse will not get past the market
Explanation : Something that is not your does not obey you.

addam meada aavaginja.
Meaning : A musturd seed on the mirror
Explanation :

anumaanam penuBuutam.
Meaning : Suspicion is evil
Explanation : A life of suspicion is the greatest evil in life.

anuBavam okaridi aarBaaTam marokaridi.
Meaning : Experience of someone but
Explanation :

annapu choravae kaani aksharam chorava laedu.
Meaning : Easy with the food but not easy with the alphabet.
Explanation : Happy to eat but not happy to study.

annii vaesi chuuDu nannu vaeyakumDaa chuDu, annadamTa uppu.
Meaning : Put all the ingredients and do not put in me said the salt.
Explanation : What is the use of putting in all the other stuff if you do not add the main ingredient.

anni saagitae roagamamta bhoagamulaedu.
Meaning : If everything goes your way there is nothing more luxurious than having a disease.
Explanation : If everyone keeps serving you, there is nothing better than being ill.

appu chaesi pappukuuDu.
Meaning : Feast by borrowing
Explanation : Some people have no shame in borrowing and living.

appulaeni vaaDae adhika sampannuDu.
Meaning : Those who do not have any loans are the richest
Explanation : those who do not have loans or credits are the wealthiest.

ammaboatae aDavi konaboatae korivi.
Meaning : Its forest when you want to sell; and a deadbeat when we need to buy
Explanation : Sometimes its hard to do anything, we cannot buy we cannot sell.

ayina vaariki aakulloenu kaanivaariki kamchaalloanu.
Meaning : To serve those who are close in banana leaves; and to serve strangers in plates.
Explanation : To honour those you do not know and belittle the ones you do.

ayipoayina peLLiki maeLLaalu emduku?
Meaning : Why beat the drums for a marriage that was over?
Explanation : Why blow the horn after the deed is done?

ayyavaarini chaeyaboatae koati ayimdi.
Meaning : Tried to make a learned man but turned out a monkey.
Explanation : Though we try hard to make a civilized person sometimes they turn out to be the opposite.

araGaDiya bhoagam aarnella roagam.
Meaning : Half a moment pleasure, half an year of pain.
Explanation :

arachaetiloa vaikumTham chuupinaTlu.
Meaning : To show paradise in the palm of the hand.
Explanation : Usually business people do this they paint colourful pictures, but hardly deliver them.

avvaakaavalenu buvvaa kaavalenu.
Meaning : To want 'avvaa'(granny) and also 'buvva'(food)
Explanation : This we use when we say that some one wants all the things.

araTi pamDu olichi chaetiloa peTTinaTlu.
Meaning : To peel the banana and hand it over to you.
Explanation : To make everything as easy as giving them a peeled banana, all they have to do is eat it.

aakali aakali attagaaru amTae, roakali mimgae koaDalaa annadaTa!
Meaning :
Explanation :

aakali aakaaSamamta noaru suudi bejjamamta.
Meaning :
Explanation :

aakali ruchi erugadu, aaSa siggerugadu, nidra suKam erugadu.
Meaning :
Explanation :

Meaning : To put a ladder to the sky.
Explanation : to hope for something quiet out of reach.

aaDae kaalu paarae neeru uurakumDadu
Meaning : A dancing feet, or a flowing river never stay put.
Explanation :

aaluu laedu suulu laedu koDuku paeru soamalimgam!
Meaning : No marriage or anything but son's name is 'somalimgam'.
Explanation : To plan too early for something that has not started yet.

aaDaboayina teerdhamedurainaTlu.
Meaning :
Explanation :

aaDalaenamma maddela oaDu annadaTa!
Meaning : I cannot play, so you lose.
Explanation :

aatragaaniki buddhi maTTu
Meaning : People of haste lack wisdom.
Explanation :

aadiloanae hamsapaadu
Meaning : Reward right at the beginning
Explanation :

aaripoaye deepaaniki velugu ekkuva
Meaning : A candle about to go off, shines bright.
Explanation :

aavaesam okaridi anubhavam marokaridi
Meaning :
Explanation :

aarunelalu sahavaasa chaestae vaaru veeravutaaru.
Meaning : With six month friendship, this person becomes that person.
Explanation :

aavagimjamta samdumTae aravayi gaarelu appuDae tinaevaaDini gadaa!
Meaning : If I had even little space I would have had half a dozen 'gare's right then.
Explanation :

aaSaku amtulaedu.
Meaning : No end to Desire
Explanation :No matter how much you feed your desire, it is always hungry for more. We always desire for more, that is human nature.

amgaTloa aruvu, talameada baruvu
Meaning : Loan in the market is a weight on your head.
Explanation : having loan is like having a ton of weight on your head.

amgiTa bellamu. aatmaloa vishamu
Meaning : Sweetness outside, but poison inside.
Explanation :

aochuDaabae kaani koaka Daabu laedu
Meaning : The border is bright , not the dress
Explanation :

a aa lu raavu agrataambuulam kaavaali
Meaning : Illiterate but wants all respect.
Explanation :

amdani draakshapamDlu pullana.
Meaning : Unreachable grapes are sour.
Explanation :

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