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uTTikaTTuku uuraegutaaraa.
Meaning : Tie it to the head and roam around.
Explanation :What are we going to do with all the money we save without helping others, are you going to tie it to the head and roam around.

uTTikekkalaenamma svargaanikekkuddaa!
Meaning : Can a person who cannot climb the attic, reach the sky!
Explanation : If you cannot reach the smaller goals in life how will you reach the major goals.

uDatakaelaraa uuLloapettanam.
Meaning : Why does the squirrel need to know the world affairs.
Explanation :

uData uupulaku kaayalu raalunaa?
Meaning : If the squirrel shakes the tree, will the fruits fall.
Explanation :

unnamaaTamTae ulukekkuva.
Meaning : Why do you flinch, when I say the truth.
Explanation :

upakaaraanikipoatae apakaaram edurainaTTu
Meaning : To face bad times when you went to do something good.
Explanation : Sometime, when all you want to do is good, but somehow it turns bad.

uuru pommamTumdi kaaDi rammamTumdi.
Meaning : Town asks to leave, funeral pire asks to come.
Explanation :Expression used by people of ripe old age to express that their time is against them.

uurikae vastae maavaaDu marokaDunnaaDu.
Meaning : If its free then I will get another person I know.
Explanation :

uuramtaa chuTTaalu uTTikaTTa taavulaedu.
Meaning : The whole town is full of relatives, but no one to help me tie this.
Explanation :

uurikae vastaaraa mahaanubhaavulu!
Meaning : Great people do not come casually.
Explanation :People of importance do not go anywhere whithout a purpose.

ulidebba tinna Silae Silpamavutumdi.
Meaning : A rock which bears the strike of a hammer, only becomes a sculpture.
Explanation :

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