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emcha boatae mamchamamtaa kamtalae.
Meaning : while inspection the whole bed is full of holes.
Explanation :

emchina eruvaedii amTae yajamaani paadamae.
Meaning :
Explanation :

emtavaaralayinaa kaamtadaasulae.
Meaning : Great people may be, but slaves to a lady's charm.
Explanation :

emdukuraa ogarpu amTae ellumDi samtaku poavaali gadaa! annaaDaTa.
Meaning : why are you ready? means aren't we going to market day after tommorrow said the man.
Explanation :

ekkaDayinaa baavagaani vamgatoeTakaaDa maatram kaadu.
Meaning :
Explanation :

ekkaDunnaavae kambaLi amTae vaesina choaTanae unnaa vemgaLii annadaTa.
Meaning : Where are you blanket, means the same place you have left me.
Explanation :You need to pick up your own mess, no one is going to do it for you.

emDakaachina choaTae vennela kaachaedi.
Meaning : Where ever the sun shines, that's where the moon will shine.
Explanation :where ever there is sorrow there will be happiness

ekkirimchaboayi vellikilaa paDDaaDamTa.
Meaning : Started to tease but stumble on your own feet.
Explanation : don't do anything which you cannot handle yourself. If you try to embarrass others, you might find yourself in the same position... well sounds like the theme of a Hollywood teen movie.

evarigoatiloa vaarae paDaTaaru.
Meaning : who ever digs a grave will fall in it themself.
Explanation : Never try to harm others, who knows you might be the one to get hurt.

elukaku pilli saaksham cheppinaTTu.
Meaning : A cat giving an alibi to a mouse.
Explanation :

enuboatu meeda vaana kurisinaTTu.
Meaning : Like raining on a wild boar.
Explanation : the rain won't even bother if it rains on it, so do some people don't mind any sort of disrespect as long as they get what they want.

aeTi eetaku lamkamaetaku sari.
Meaning : Swimming in a river, and feasting in 'lanka' is enough
Explanation : Lanka, is a place in the Epic story Ramayana, where the evil king rules. It is said to be inhabited by rakshasas, literally meaning deamons. But 'rakshasa' is casually used in stories to define bad people.

egadeesae brahmahatya digadeestae goahatya.
Meaning :
Explanation :

eddunu aDigaa gamta kaTTaedi?
Meaning : Do we ask the bull to tie a bell around it?
Explanation :

eddu pumDu kaakiki muddaa!
Meaning : Does wound of bull make the crow happy.
Explanation :

eranu chuupi chaepanu laaginaTTu.
Meaning : Like catching the fish using a bait.
Explanation :

evariki vaarae yamunaa teerae.
Meaning : All people are for themself.
Explanation :

evari verri vaariki aanamdam.
Meaning : Each person's insanity is his happiness
Explanation : I have heard somewhere that a person has to be a little insane to be sane. Does that make any sense, well to be frank it does.

ae emDaki aa goDugu. ae gaaliki aa chaapa.
Meaning : To every summer day there is an umbrella. to every wind there is a sail.
Explanation :

aeku ayivacchi maeku ayina teeru.
Meaning :
Explanation :

aekulu peDitae buTTa chinugutumdi.
Meaning : Put nail and the basket will tear.
Explanation :

ae guuTi chilaka aa guuTi paluku palukutumdi.
Meaning : A parrot speaks the language of its natives.
Explanation : Everyone keeps their nativity in their hearts, and talk accordingly.

ae puTTaloe ae paamumdoa!
Meaning : Who knows which pit has what snake
Explanation :look before u leap sort of saying.

aemee laeni vistari egiregiri paDutumdi, annee unna vistara aNigiimaNigii umTumdi.
Meaning : A banana leaf which is not served will twitter, while a fully served one stays still.
Explanation : A learned man will keep his calm.

aeru daaTina taruvaata teppa tagalaesinaTTu.
Meaning : Destroying the boat after reaching the other end.
Explanation :

aeTloa vaesinaa emchi paara vaeyaali.
Meaning : Even when throwing in the cannal, think before doing it.
Explanation :

aeTi aavali mutyaalu taaTikaayalamta annaTlu.
Meaning :
Explanation :

aepaaTu tappinaa saapaaTu tappadu.
Meaning : Any work may be skipped but not eating.
Explanation :

aenugu meada doama vaalinaTlu.
Meaning : Like a fly on an elephant
Explanation :

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