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damchinammaku bokkimdae dakkuDu.
Meaning : To the person who beats the wheat gets what she eats.
Explanation :

dina dina gamDam nuuraeLLu aayushu.
Meaning : Fear of death everyday but has a 100 years life to live.
Explanation :

deepamumDagaanae illu chakka beTTukoavaalu
Meaning : To take care of the house when there is light.
Explanation :

dunnapoatu eenimdamTae duuDanu kaTTamannaTTu.
Meaning : Someone said the bull had a baby, the other one said then tie it.
Explanation :

duraaSa du@hKaaniki chaeTu.
Meaning : Greed leads to sorrow
Explanation :

duurapu komDalu nunupu.
Meaning :
Explanation :

daevuDu varamichinnanu puujaari varameeyaDu kadaa!
Meaning : Even though the God blessed, the priest wouldn't
Explanation :

domgaku taelu kuTTinaTTu.
Meaning : Thief getting stung by a scorpion.
Explanation :

domgaku domga buddhi, doraku dora buddhi.
Meaning : Thief has thief behaviour while the lord has a lord behaviour.
Explanation :

domgachaetiki taaLam icchinaTTu.
Meaning : To give keys to the thief itself
Explanation :

daasuDi tappulu damDamtoa sari.
Meaning : The servant's mistake are suited with wipping.
Explanation :

deepam paeru chepitae cheekaTi poatumdaa!
Meaning : Will the darkness go away with the mere mention of light!
Explanation :

daevuDi peLLiki amdaruu peddalae.
Meaning : For the wedding of the God everyone is an elder.
Explanation :

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