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imTa gelichi raccha geluvu.
Meaning : Win at home first, then win the public.
Explanation :

imTi kanna guDi padilam.
Meaning : Temple is safer than house.
Explanation :

imTi kaLa illaalae chebutumdi.
Meaning : The beauty of the house is told by the housewife.
Explanation :

imTi domganu eeSvaruDayinaa paTTalaeDu.
Meaning : No one can find a house thief.
Explanation :

imTi pilliki porugu pilli toaDu.
Meaning : Street cat accompanying the house cat.
Explanation :If the mess inside is added with the mess from an outside source we use this expression.

imTi paeru kastuuri imTiloa gabbilaala kampu.
Meaning : House name is 'Kasturi' but house is full of bats.
Explanation :'Kasturi' is not only a name it means purity. So to proclaim that something is great, but truly there is nothing in it.

imTiloa eegalamoata bayaTa pallakiimoata.
Meaning : House is full of buzzing of flies, the courtyard full of party sounds.
Explanation :To celebrate when there is nothing in the house

imta batuku batiki imTenuka chachinaTlu.
Meaning : To live though all hardships, to die in the backyard.
Explanation :

imTloa puli veedhiloa pilli.
Meaning : Mighty tiger in the house, but a crouching cat in the street.
Explanation :

illallakagaanae pamDagavutumdaa.
Meaning : Cleaning the house does not mean the festival is up.
Explanation :

ichchaevaaDini chuustae chachchinavaaDu laechaaDu.
Meaning : If there is someone who gives away freely then even the dead come alive to get the free things.
Explanation :

illu irakaTam aalu markaTam.
Meaning : House restricted, and wife is troublesome.
Explanation :

illu kaTTi chuuDu peLLi chaesinaTlu.
Meaning : Build a house and see, Perform a wedding and see.
Explanation :

eetakaayatoe taaTikaaya.
Meaning :
Explanation :

eena gaachi nakkala paalu chaesinaTlu.
Meaning : Making a stew, and leaving it to the wolves.
Explanation :

ee uuri kaavuuremta duuramoa, aa uuriki ee uuruu amtae duuram
Meaning : The distance from this town to that town, is the same as the distance from that town to this.
Explanation : Before complaining that somebody did not do something for you, consider doing the same for them. Afterall you get what you recieve, hence the saying.

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