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SamKamloa poastaenae kaani teerdham avadu
Meaning : It will not become holy water until it is poured in counch.
Explanation : Water is just water if it is not poured into the correct jar to make it holy water. A person might be educated but he only attains enlightenment when he is tutored by a good teacher.

Sivuni aaj¬na laenidae chimainaa kuTTadu
Meaning : Even ant won't bite without the command of the Lord.
Explanation : Nothing happens without the knowledge of Almight God.

samuKhaana raayabaaramaela?
Meaning : When everything is fine why send an ambassador.
Explanation :Never over complicate things when things are looking fine.

siriraa moakaaloDDinaTTu
Meaning :
Explanation :

sommoKDidi soakokaDidi.
Meaning : Money is someone else's and glamour is another's.
Explanation : Some men have all the money but they donot spend it while someone else take advantage of that money.

sthaana balamaekaani tana balamu kaadu.
Meaning : Its the strength of the place rather than the person.
Explanation : When you are in your own land and with your people you feel much stronger than in any foriegn country. Its the place not the strength of the person that matters sometimes.

hanumamtuDi mumdaa nee kuppigamtulu!
Meaning : Are you showing off your jumps infront of Lord Hanuman.
Explanation : According to Ramayana Lord Hanuman had jumped from the southern part of India and reached the island nation of Lanka, so there will be no point of showing of before that Hanuman that you can jump. People use this sameta to instruct not to boast about their abilities infront of more talented persons.
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